Monster List of eHarmony Free Trials & Coupons Codes

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About eHarmony

EHarmony was created in 2000 in Santa Monica California. The company was launched in order to match up men and women who are looking for long term relationships. It’s obviously a website and it is something that you have to pay for each month to continue getting matches, being able to message people, etc…

A fun fact that you might not know about companies that are started by psychologists who wrote relationship advice books. What’s even more interesting is that there is research he found that there’re certain traits that would make people more compatible with others. So based upon this thought process, eHarmony was made.

How it Works

Basically how it works is they designed algorithm where it matches you up based upon your compatibility score. So when you sign up for the harmony trial you’re going to answer a ton of questions so that they can get to know you. And based upon those answers you pretty much get matched up with no people who are seemingly more were supposed to be compatible with you. You’ve been basically get a big long list of people that you are matched with and that you harmony system thinks that you should have success with.

Why I like Their Site for Dating

So I’m basically going to give you the rundown of why I am actually in the fan if you harmony. Well for starters, I like that they ask you so many questions. They should actually get to know me rather then just take my money and match me up with random people which I feel like a lot of on my dating services do. That’s what you harmonies continued success as one of the leading dating batch websites. The also thing I like about it is that it’s for finding long-term relationships. There’s a distinct difference between just wanting to date in one to actually have a long-term relationship. To get two people there that are all there to be able to look for long-term partners. It’s kind of like with JD for instance you have all the Jewish people that want to marry somebody is Jewish then there you know to date on Jdate to better their chances. So it’s pretty much the same thing for the long-term partner. You guys share that common goal so you know that you’re down take to it to the next level. It’s very comparable to

While I can’t say that I was a success story but I wasn’t necessarily looking for something long-term. I have the date Meister after also why would I be looking for something super long term at this point in my young life. What I did go find was that there was a lot of good people on there. I with some dating sites are going to find that there’s just scummy people. But it seemed to me on eHarmony with the dates that I went on that the people were pretty good people.

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